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What to Expect When You Visit

Bethlehem is a friendly, casual, and accepting community. You will see folks dressed for seasonal comfort, wearing jeans, shorts and tees to dresses and sport coats and slacks.

We recognize new faces, so you can expect to be approached by one or more members and and offered a welcome packet. We will not embarrass you by asking that you introduce yourself during the service.


Sit anywhere you like--front or back. There are no reserved pews at Bethlehem.


After a hymn or two, children in attendance will be called to the front for Little Lessons.

On Communion Sundays (the first Sunday of every month) everyone has a place at God's table in a United Methodist Church.


Our hymns are primarily traditional--again from church as you remember


We close each service by gathering in a circle to sing a last song and to receive a blessing from our pastor.

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