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United Methodist Church

Fishers, Indiana

A Continuing Faith Community since 1844

Welcome to Bethlehem United Methodist Church. Here you will find a unique church family growing together in faith through worship, service, and fellowship. We are a congregation of mostly older adults, many of whom have been transplanted from other parts of the country to be near grandchildren and retire in this area, sharing friendships and community rooted in faith in Jesus Christ.  


July 1, 2022
Message from Pastor Jean

Apples are a great way to think about life. For example: one can look at a peck of apples and ask, “how do ya like them apples?” 

“How many pies can I make from these?” Or, one can see the peck and question “how much can I sell them for?” 

But my favorite is “how many apples trees can be planted from this peck?” I think Bethlehem is a planter church. 

Yes, I do know that you can make a pie and save the core/seed to plant a tree; we are abundantly blessed. 

But that is way too much trouble to think about for a Friday “. . . of not much wisdom” note. God is good!

 We can get what we need, and plant for the future at the same time, but that is too complicated for a holiday weekend. 

It is more fashionable to do the expedient thing by tossing away the core, or seeds and pieces than use them to grown something new;

 claim God’s gifts. All kinds of things get through away: clothes, seeds, people. . . . . God calls us to look beyond what appears to be easier and expedient and consider how we can claim blessing, growth, love and be more. God blesses each one with purpose and potential: seeds for new life.

We look at a bushel of apples and the potential in them is based on our own assumptions, attitudes and willingness to be open to God’s plan and purpose.

How do ya like them apples??


See you in Church on Sunday

Pastor Jean


Join us at 10am Sunday for Family-friendly Worship!
Adult Sunday School at 9:15am.

Bible Study is held on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.

For more information, contact pastorbethlehemumc@gmail.com.