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United Methodist Church

Fishers, Indiana

A Continuing Faith Community since 1844

Welcome to Bethlehem United Methodist Church. Here you will find a unique church family growing together in faith through worship, service, and fellowship. We are a congregation of mostly older adults, many of whom have been transplanted from other parts of the country to be near grandchildren and retire in this area, sharing friendships and community rooted in faith in Jesus Christ.  


December 2, 2022
Message from Pastor Jean

“Are we there yet?” became my mantra as we walked from the Arboretum to the restaurant that my daughter in law had chosen for all 8 of us to have a late lunch last Saturday. We had already walked from the parking garage, through the Washington Mall area (that grassy field that lies between the Washington monument and the Capital), to the reflecting pool near the Capital. 

It was simply beautiful. The Grandchildren didn’t fall into the water, and we got some great pictures. We walked through the Arboretum, and then started our trek to the restaurant: Pizza for all. After the first 6 blocks, I asked my daughter in law, “are we close?” She replies, “See that white building, that’s near our destination.” This was Washington DC, all of the building are white, but I just puffed, “Okay,” and under my breath said, “I wondered if they would notice if I called an Uber?” We got to the top of the hill and stood by the white building and she said, “just a few more blocks.” 

The children and I said in unison, “Are we there yet?” “Almost!!” Her “almost” should have been my Uber call. Finally, we got there, and you guested it, a two hour wait. My son said, I’ll be right back and sprinted down the street. Soon a cell phone rang, and a restaurant had been found. When we sat down, I turned to my daughter in law and asked, “How far have we walked so far today?” With a smile, she replied “only about 7 miles.” And we were not really there yet.

 We still had to walk back to the car after lunch, at least another 2 miles. (No, our day wasn’t over yet. We went to the National Zoo for the Christmas lights. . .. another story for another time!)

Destinations in life are a funny thing. We have stops along the way, a pool in which to reflect, lunch and sore feet. But at the end, it is learning and growing through the journey.  That is central to being a United Methodist, it's not so much about arriving as it is about the journey.  We know our destination is the arms of Christ, but along the way, we get the opportunity to learn to trust in His guidance and grace.

 “Are we there yet?” No, but the journey is the time to learn and be in the company of Christ and each other. A true uber experience.

Pastor Jean


Join us at 10am Sunday for Family-friendly Worship!
Adult Sunday School at 9:15am.

Bible Study is held on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.

For more information, contact pastorbethlehemumc@gmail.com.