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United Methodist Church

Fishers, Indiana

A Continuing Faith Community since 1844

Welcome to Bethlehem United Methodist Church. Here you will find a unique church family growing together in faith through worship, service, and fellowship. We are a congregation of mostly older adults, many of whom have been transplanted from other parts of the country to be near grandchildren and retire in this area, sharing friendships and community rooted in faith in Jesus Christ.  

September 22, 2023
Message from Pastor Jean


Scripture:  Joel   2:23 

Be glad, people of Zion, rejoice in the Lord your God, for he has given you the autumn rains and because his is faithful.  He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before. 


Words of Not Much Wisdom:


The Indianapolis Indians is a minor league baseball team, and I got free tickets to a game, and it’s been a while since I’m had a really bad hot dog, so off Patti and I went.  The game was actually great.  The Indians were ahead in each inning, and the pop corn was fresh.  They were playing a team called the Red Wings, who’s mascot looked like a red “angry bird.”  The Indians were up, and facing their third out of the inning.  The batter hit a high fly ball that was just inside the first base line.  With smiles on their faces, Red Wings

pitcher, first baseman, catcher and short stop all moved to catch the fly ball ending the disastrous inning.  They stood in a circle waiting for gravity to makes its move, which of course it did, (you can always count on gravity) at which point, the ball hit the ground in the middle of the circle. They were all stunned, and just stood there staring at the ball for at least a heartbeat.  The batter was about to go back to the dugout, when he too realized THEY HAD NOT CAUGHT THE BALL, IT WAS IN THE GRASS JUST INSIDE THE BASE LINE!!  He turned and ran right past them, on to first base.  You could almost hear the Red Wings players “I thought you had it, no you had it.”

I think that, in part, that is what the scripture is about.  God has created this amazing world 

that is consistent and measurable.  People tend to be the variable, especially when we decide we don’t have to pay attention or assume someone else has got it.  God’s faithfulness is somethings we can always count on; rejoice and be glad in it.  The hot dogs were pretty good too.

See ya in Church

Pastor Jean


Join us at 10am Sunday for Family-friendly Worship!
Adult Sunday School at 9am.

Bible Study is held on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm.

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